Corn Chaat

The first time I had corn chaat was at my friend Vidya's house. She is definitely a friend whom I would call a superwoman (she has three daughters including a set of twins.) Vidya is a dear childhood friend of mine who moved away when we were in junior high from Toronto to India. Now she lives in Baltimore, and I was lucky enough to go visit her there a little while ago. Keeping in touch with friends who have moved away is a challenging task, especially while juggling the immediate demands of family, local friends, and the ever present demands of working and maintaining a home.

I think friendships develop based on the phase of life that one is going through, Vidya and I enjoyed a friendship as little girls sleeping over, going to music class together, and meeting at community events. There are so many memories we have made together that picking up where we left off was not very hard at all as there is a closeness from our long time friendship that doesn't require too much effort. All of my childhood friends remain close to me in a similar way, we might not talk frequently but its easy to get back into that familiar rhythm.

Its easy to get in the habit of assuming that these old friends don't require 'maintenance', and one can get into a place of not calling or visiting. But friendships like flowers need to be tended. Making time for yearly reunions, and occasions where friends get together regularly is worth the time, money, and energy. Writing this I realize how much time has gone into developing those childhood friends, and how our relationships span decades. Its worth the extra effort to keep these friendships alive.

Below you'll find a recipe for Corn Chaat, a delicious snack that Vidya prepared for Shankar, Gopi and I when we visited her and her beautiful daughters. Its a great item to make for a standalone snack, or as an appetizer at a party!

Corn Chaat

1 bag frozen corn, or 3-4 ears of corn shucked and trimmed
1 red, yellow or orange pepper
1 large potato, boiled and diced
1 onion (yellow or red) diced
1 tomato diced
1 handful cilantro chopped
1 medium green chili chopped finely
1/8 cup lemon or lime juice
2 tbsp tamarind sauce (store bought)
Masala (1 tsp chaat masala, 1/4 tsp garam masala, 1/4 tsp roasted and ground jeera)
Store bought Sev for Garnish

1. Microwave the corn for approximate 5 minutes until its cooked nicely and leaves off a delicious aroma.
2. Roast the pepper by covering it in oil and placing in the oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove the the skin and dice up the pepper.
3. Mix all the ingredients together, adding salt to taste.
4. Garnish with cilantro and Sev.


Savithri said...

Looks absolutely delicious! Great recipe from Vidya:)

amna said...

looks lovely, especially in the individual serving dishes!

Finla said...

Chat looks super yumm. I have neve rmade chat a thome.

Vinod Agarwal said...

Corn on the cob seasoned with salt, red pepper powder and lime are common, if there's something better it has to be corn chaat.

Anu said...

You are right!!friendship has to be tended.It is so easy to make excuses to not call.I have lost track of quite a many friends that way..Getting back in touch is my goal for this summer.
The Aloo chaat looks delicious..must try it sometime.

bee said...

hey, kanchana, good to see you blogging again. we'll probably be visiting chicago later this year. our friend lives downtown and jai has signed up for the chicago marathon. hope to catch up with you guys.


Deepthi Shankar said...

Iam a chaat person. this is makin me hungry

Priyanka said...

Welcome back Kanchana....didnt know you had started posting again....the corn chaat looks delicious......and the pic is fabulous as ever

A_and_N said...

This is awesome stuff! And discovering your blog has been great :)

THis has been bookmarked :)

Manju said...

good to see you back again, Kanchana!! aand such a great recipe..loved those dishes!

SJ said...

I did not know you were back. I was certain I would see a Mac and a black layout!!! I love corn chaat..or any chaat for that matter !!

SJ said...

Oh yeah, I have made your cabbage kofta a million times a hit always!! our waist lines are proof!!

SJ said...

Thank you so much for visiting my site! I was watching Paula Deen and I remembered making your peanut butter-banana sandwich and hogging on it like ahem...EVERYDAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is very creative! and will be perfect for the summer;

Just last week I had an extra boiled potato and was wondering what to do with it. This would have been perfect. Well, next week

and thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

Bharathy said...

Nice to see you back Girl..:)
Pretty looking chat!..
Missed you..and Glad to see you after a long while :)

Miri said...

What a nice surprise! I didnt know you were back to blogging! :)

Thats a really nice recipe!