Potluck #1

The follow up to the first potluck post is here! After many requests for Pooja's Masala Macaroni, I've finally found the time to put up the delicious secrets from my friends. If you haven't been to a potluck with your girlfriends, I seriously recommend organizing one right away!

Pooja's Masala Macaroni
2 cups macaroni, 1 tbsp garlic paste, small pieces of cabbage and capsicum - finely chopped, cheese, 1 tbsp white vinegar, 1.5 tbsp soy sauce, 1.5 tbsp tomato ketchup, salt and black pepper to taste, 1 cup of any shredded cheese

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
1. Cook the macaroni for 5-7 minutes in boiling water. Add some salt while boiling it for taste.
2. Add 1 tbsp oil in a frying pan, add garlic paste. Let it fry until golden brown.
3. Add chopped cabbage and capsicum, let them cook for 3 -5 mins.
4. Add boiled macaroni, salt, black pepper, soy sauce, vinegar and ketchup. Let it cook for about 3 - 5 mins.
5. Sprinkle some cheese while cooking it.
6. Empty it out in a baking dish, sprinkle cheese on the top and bake it for 10 min.

Akanksha's Chola
1 can chick peas, 1 small onion chopped, 2 green chillies, 1 tomato chopped, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, 1tsp curd, 1 pinch haldi, 1tsp dhania powder, 1/2 tsp amchur powder, 1 tsp bhuna jeera powder, 1/4th tsp garam masala powder, 1 tbsp olive oil

1. Heat oil in pan, add jeera.
2. When the jeera splutters, add chopped onions and fry till golden brown.
3. Add green chillies, tomato, ginger/garlic paste, haldi and dhania powder.
5. Fry till the oil separates, then add chola, curd and fry for 10 min.
6. Add 1 cup water,jeera powder,amchur powder and garam masala powder, stir and cover.
7. Cook on low heat for 15-20min or till the oil separates.

Namrata's Daal
1 cup arhar daal, 1 medium size onion-chopped, 1 tsp grated garlic, 1 tomato- chopped, 2 tsp oil, 1 tsp cumin seeds, a pinch of asafoetida, 1 tsp coriander powder, salt, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp green chili powder

1. Pressure cook daal in around 3 cups of water
2. In a skillet heat the oil.
3. Spatter cumin seeds and asafoetida in this oil
4. Add onion and garlic and fry till golden fry with occasional stirring.
5. Add rest of the masalas and tomato.
6. Cook till the paste leaves the sides of the vessel.
7. Add cooked daal to this paste and give it a boil.
8. Garnish with some fresh coriander leaves.


FH said...

Hi Kanchana,congratulations on winning or to Shankar I should say.That was a great presentation:))
Potluck goodies look delicious too.

archana said...

Congrats Kanchana :)Potluck dishes look nice. i would like to try out the macaroni.

Suganya said...

Thanks for those recipes Kanchana.. Am gonna try green curry for sure. Vl let u know how it came out. Cannot be tasty as Shankar's though.

Rachna said...

kanchana (love yur name) thanks for posting the macaroni masala recipe... will def try it ....