Mushroom Biriyani

Mushroom Biriyani is another creation of Chef Shankar. Served together with the Cabbage Kofta, this vegetarian meal would satisfy even the hungriest carnivore. Several varieties of mushrooms were used including Shiitake, Crimini, and White Button Mushrooms which when combined give the dish a nice satisfying texture and bite. The rice is flavored with biriyani pulav masala which can be bought in any Indian grocery store, and garnished with bright green onion. Unlike the typical slow cooked biriyani, this one was put together in a flash.

Mushroom Biriyani
15 mushrooms (5 of each variety, and 2-3 shiitake), 2 cups basmati rice, 1 tbsp of biriyani pulav masala, ghee, salt and pepper to taste, green onion chopped

1. Cook the rice, with 3 cups of water.
2. Clean and slice the mushrooms.
3. Heat a few tbsp of ghee on medium high heat, and saute the mushrooms. Add salt & pepper.
4. Once the rice is cooked, mix in the mushrooms. Add the masala powder and salt and mix together.
5. Garnish with chopped green onion.


Mishmash ! said...

Kanchana, this is the first time I am coming across mushroom biriyani....sounds very simple and easy to make! Thanks!


Roopa said...

wow i love biryanis and fried rice. this is sure on the list with mushrooms. very simple and delicious

USHA said...

Hi Kanchana,,

Great idea....i use to do pulav which combinations mushroom with other veggie..never tried biriyani..sounds healthy too....Convey our compliment to your DH too...Thanks.

J said...

A real quick fix!

Unknown said...

I never tried pulav with mushrooms, but it seems to be a nice idea, quick, simple and yummy..... thanks for sharing!

FH said...

Beautiful color K!Mushrooms are tasty if you know how to cook with them.Great recipe,thanks:)

Bharathy said...

Yaay!!! most favourite!...Ready for an exchange for my narthangai oorgai..;)...???

Elaine said...

Can I say I am now a fan of your food blog? I love,love,love indian food as I hail from Malaysia where Indian food is in abundant! Now in Montreal, although I have found some good Indian restaurants, they just don't really feel the same. It lacks the homely feeling. I am also definitely going to try you aloo ghobi recipe ;)

And your husband is such a good cook! :D

Sharmi said...

I have some mushrooms in my fridge and can try out this simple biriyani this weekend.

Prema Sundar said...

Simple and nice recipe Kanchana. One of my friend recently prepared a simple biriyani with badshah pulo/biriyani powder and it tasted so nice.. iam planning to try it out soon.

Padmaja said...

lovely recipe, have to try asap!!

DEEPA said...

i love mushroom ...and that too on fried rice and briyani!!!must have tasted great ..

Latha said...

Hey Kanchana,
Its been a long time since i visited all my favorite blogs. Been taking a break from blogging, browsing and in general food (trying to shed those last few pounds of fat from babies, and thinking about food does nto help!).
Looks like you ladies had a lovely time! Lovely company, yummy food and interesting conversations!
I hear u and u're friends on the work-family balance. I have 2 girls, 5+ and 3+, work full time - business and Proj. Manag. like soem of your friends and u there! Corporate America really does not allow much time for much else :-) But u know, pretty much all of us rise up to a situation when put there. I took the break for a year when my second one was born! But i figured out, that staying home with kids is a full time job that can drive u nuts. Being away form home and kids kind of gives you a reprieve. I'm a much better mom when i go back home this way! We've had to make some compromises, but like you said the money is good and it does ease things up a lot. Kids get sued to it to the point that they enjoy it better than staying home. Its tough but planning is key and everything works out ok. As a PMP u know that :-)
Anyways, good luck to all the pregnant mommies and congrats to the new mom.
Good Luck to u!

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Hi Kanchana, What brand masala did you (he) use for this recipe? and did you use a tbsp of biriyani and pulav masala--want to try this want this week! thanks:) said...


We used about a tablespoon of pulav masala. Shankar recommends Badshah or Everest. Add it a little at a time and keep tasting until you feel it is right. I would approximate about a tbsp of the masala powder for 2 cups of uncooked rice. The ghee that the mushrooms are cooked in really add the flavor!


Unknown said...

Hi Kanchana,

I could not resist trying out this recipe because of the ease to make & your pictures make it delicious to eat.

I ran out of ghee & was lazy to get some green onions. Substituted 2 spoons thinly chopped onions along with mushrooms & olive oil. garnished with cilantro. I could not get shitakes & added portabello. Does the Shitake add more taste? Just curious!

I am not a mushroom eater & I cook for my mushroom lover at home but I ended up eating more of it :) And preparation was so easy, no garlic/ginger paste to deal with :)

Thanks for the recipe!


Shella said...

I love Mushroom in any form, & in a biriyani is the first time I've heard of. Am sure it tastes good.

You have a nice blog here, & am linking you up into mine.