Blogs of Note

Savithri's Spot is my sister's blog with great posts on cake decorating, travel and restaurants. Go check it out!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Jugalbandi. This creative site is the child of Jai&Bee. Bee's writing is hilarious, and her anecdotes and impressions of the 'blogosphere' never fail to crack me up. Their most impressive series to date is definitely 'In Season', a look at Jai's homegrown produce and the recipes they make from all of your blogs! The photography is great, and their recipes are a must try, for example Low fat Brownies! Need I say more?

You all know and love her, Asha of Foodie's Hope. Asha is one of the most caring bloggers who never fails to encourage me on with a thoughtful comment. Asha you are the Foodies Hope for all of us! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and mentor to us foodies. Check out her blog which is filled with amazing recipes, especially delicacies from the regions of Karnataka. *Blog of the Week will highlight blogs I am addicted to reading!

The write of one hot blog is Bharathy, who reflects the name of her blog as she is one Spicy Chilly. If you are looking for a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from the realms of South India, look no further than her blog. Her versatile writing and beautiful pictures are a must read and see. She was also sweet enough to award me with the Rockin Girl Blogger Award. Thanks Bharathy! *Blog of the Week is a new section on Married to a Desi and will highlight some of the fantastic food blogs that I am addicted to reading!

Anita's A Mad Tea Party features fresh vegetables in easy to prepare recipes. I've tried a few of them and vouch that they are delicious.
Check out her new 30 Minute Meal section!

Supriya Krishnan, affectionately referred to by her fellow bloggers as SIA channels Passion for Life 'n Spice through her similarly named site. Supriya makes the most fabulous dishes that look mouthwatering. What really impresses me is the variety of foods that she cooks! Sweet SIA has also awarded me the Rockin' Girl Blog Award. Thanks SIA!!


amna said...

Nice to see my sis in here :)

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Love your blog! Your reviews are original and style if pithy..very cool.

Wanted to share an interesting blogpost with you that shows the other side of being married to a desi: