March 1, 2007

My friends Ashwin and Rohin Iyer are talented Carnatic Musicians. They have awesome stage personalities, and really move an audience. They are very cute too (and single ladies!). I happen to know these two from back in my days of undergrad at UofToronto Engineering where we tried to escape doing as much schoolwork as possible. Shankar and I were very lucky to have them as MC's for our wedding reception along with our friend Karthik Venkataraman (another talented musician). I saw them perform last year at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana and they were fantastic! The boys have just launched their new website, definitely worth checking out, and you can listen to their music on it as well. Here is an excerpt from their site:

Why 'Toronto Brothers'?

Ashwin Iyer and Rohin Iyer were born three years apart in Bombay (Mumbai), India and immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1982 with their parents. They have been proud Canadians ever since, and have formed a deep connection to the city of Toronto.

They were formally introduced to Carnatic music in 1989 when they began taking lessons under Toronto-based teachers, and participated regularly in annual music festivals such as the Toronto Thyagaraja Aradhana. The name “Toronto Brothers” was affectionately coined by their illustrious gurus in the 1990s and seems to have stuck to this day.

Connecting With The Community

Ashwin Iyer and Rohin Iyer are actively involved in the Toronto community, not only as musicians, but also through various volunteer efforts.

The brothers are longstanding youth members of Bharathi Kala Manram of Canada, a registered non-profit cultural organization.

Classical Music For A Cause

Ashwin and Rohin have also participated in fundraising programs to help raise money for charities such as the Hospital for Sick Children and Handi-Care International.

In doing so they have occasionally delved into singing "light music" including classically-based Hindi and Tamil film songs. Nonetheless, their foundation and interests lie firmly grounded in the Carnatic classical tradition.

East Meets West

True to their Indo-Canadian roots, the brothers have a deep sense of pride in both Canadian and Indian culture. They are collaborating with several Toronto-based artists and are interested in touring several cities across Eastern and Western Canada as well as the US to promote their music to a wider audience.

For concert bookings, please contact them.


bee said...

thanks, kanchana. will look forward to their kacheris if they come to our city. bee

J said...

Thanks Kanchana. Will fwd this to a friend who is a brilliant singer.

Vidhya said...

yep I have listened to their couple of songs in You Tube and they do a pretty good job:)