Sourdough bread, Michigan Madrasi Style - Uthappam

After making all kinds of cheese dosai and masala dosai, today I decided to make uthappam for lunch. Some days I just don't feel like making anything for myself (especially if it's only me at home for lunch), and I'll just warm up soup and eat endless amounts of toast and cheese. And of course let's not forget my personal obsession with potato chips. But I digress. This post has been aptly named sourdough bread because that is really what uthappam is, a very sour thick bread-like dosai. I love how a little bit of effort in making dosai batter can be stretched out in so many different ways. Basically the longer the dosai batter sits around in your fridge the more sour it becomes. So use dosai batter a week old for this.

Today's uthappam is kind of an experiment, as I don't have any formal recipe or method from the goddesses of cooking (my mom or mil). Here it is!

Sour dosai batter, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, green chili sliced (or jalapeno's as I have used), ginger (optional), tomatoes diced, green pepper diced, onion minced, curry leaves or cilantro chopped.

1. Spread a tsp of oil onto a hot griddle. I usually keep a little bowl of oil infused with cumin seeds for making these uthappams. So this way the cumin seeds can be roasted up on the griddle and added to the uthappam in the process.
2. Add 1 ladle of the dosai batter and spread it out, similar to dosai but not as smoothly, it should be quite thick.
3. The veggies should be mixed up ahead of time, and at this point you can sprinkle them onto the dough, so they can adhere to the wet batter.
4. I also sprinkled a few mustard seeds onto the dough, and drizzled some more of the cumin seeds in oil on top.
5. Flip the uthappam and make sure both sides are quite cooked with a light golden brown tint.
6. Enjoy this with milagai podi or sambar.

Below you can see that I have put big slices of jalapeno on my uthappam because I like mine spicy. I have also seen people putting grated carrot in their uthappam. You could add cilantro if you wanted as well in stead of curry leaves. Green onions would be a great garnish as well.


Priya said...

The uthappam looks yummy Kanchana ! And good to know that the code did help u..hehe ! The menu makes life soo much easier isn't it !!
I just saw your profile pic ! You look very beautiful, what style of dance form do you perform ??

Priya said...

Kanchana, I added the recipe for the biscuits within the post itself. Have a look at it, and do try it out :-)