Mrs.Monica Gogate

In honour of our newlywed friend, this first post will be about Monica's wedding! Below is Mon's letter to us about her wedding and it sounded so good! Read on...

Hey Guys!
The wedding and the hall and everything was really nice, it was a very typical Marathi wedding but apparently more upscale than is typically expected by our community there.The hotel itself was a 3 star but because it was really new it looked very nice. and since it was on the outskirts of the city, it was quite cheap. The food and everything was typical maharashtrian/guju, and yeah i got a really nice simple mangal sutra.

Bali as you said was amazing, really nice weather. I think the actual Westin hotel was the best part. We got upgraded to a suite and everyone there was European and gorgeous. It's not like they were all 20, these women were in their 30's, had babies and looked like supermodels. We noticed that they ate tons of fruit every day and it's pretty obvious they don't really exercise. that's really more of an american craze. I actually felt like a fat American next to all of them. I have become seriously motivated to lose my stomach now and i've been pretty good since i came back, and I'm going to start taking yoga classes.
I really loved those 4 weeks i was away. Bombay as crazy as it is is somehow really addictive. You kind of hate it and love it at the same time and want to leave but then miss it once you leave. The service is always amazing and they are always sincere. I miss getting free shev puri and chai at all the clothing stores i went to.

So for the 2 weeks prior to the wedding, I was staying at my aji's place (mom's mom) in Dadar and my dad was in Mulund which is about 30 min away. Every morning he would come to Dadar to pick me up and take me shopping the whole day and then we would come home for meals which were always home made and just wonderful. My grandmother (Shashi aji) and her sister (Pammi aji) waited on me hand and foot and i hardly had to do anything. Every few minutes the doorbell would ring and there would be the maid or cook or laundry or vegetable guy. I stayed vegetarian the whole time so i didn't get sick.
In Bali, we spent a lot of time at the beach but we also ventured out and saw temples, hung out in the clubbing (Kuta) which was really gross and sketchy. We also went white water rafting and biking around the villages and country side. and we went to an Elephant Zoo and took a safari ride. Indonesian food is amazing and they absolutely love Indian people there and they watch Indian movies and know who Shah Rukh Khan is. It was pretty funny.

We also went to Singapore for a day to visit Dev's sister and it is just about the cleanest city i have ever been to.It is extremely safe, its warm, and really new and pretty. They have a street just like 5th avenue and it is very multicultural with lots of Indians and Europeans...I would totally live there if we had the opportunity. Anyway I think that should give you a pretty good idea of the trip! I'll send the pics on soon.



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Raj said...

I am Neena,live in kansas for 8 years I have 2 year old daughter..
I love your website, the way you have presented it and told stories about yourelf.
I am so impressed the way your parents have brought you up in Canada.
It is so difficult to bring up kid in U.S with touch of India.
keep the good work