Hello all,

Some new work going on with my website, most recently my own domain name! Welcome to "". Please bear with me as I will be updating this site and the links.

( will still forward to this site, but if you can please update your bookmarks!)

Also feel free to give me feedback on the far both positive and negative, but hey I'm interested to hear what you all think! My main motivation was to choose something that was easy to remember, and interesting enough to invite someone to come visit while still telling something about the content of the site.

Thanks for coming to visit, and keep checking back to see the updates.



Anonymous said...

hiiiiiiii kanch ...
wonder if i can call u tht :)... lovely blog ...ended up here from indira's MAHANANDI ...congratulations on your anniversary... u make sucha lovely couple ... reason i'm here ... well ... tried ur corn soup ... great recipe ... i wud say u have a loyal visitor ... :)

anju said...

Anju! Thanks for your lovely comments. I hope to see you back here...btw my husband makes a great corn soup and garnishes with coriander, lemon, and a little mint. Try that next time!

Priya said...

WOw...Congrats on moving to your own domain Kanchana !! I like the new name too ;-)
Good luck to you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kanch,
WOW, this really seems neat! And yes, the name surely caught my interest too. Congrats on your 1 year anni and the fun times is just beginning.....take it from me :) Enjoy married life and of course good luck with this site. I think it'll be quite popular and visited by many.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures from your wedding! You are absolutely stunning!!! And he is so cute, I loved how he was looking
at you when you were dancing - he looked so proud and in love. That was so sweet. :)
I'm so glad to see how happy you are. Cool website, might try a few recipes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanchana,

I work with your mother at Floradale P.S. and she showed me the website. The pictures of the food looked so good that two other teachers passing by had to stop and admire them. You and your husband look like a lovely couple.