Lazy Lunch: Grill Cheese and Tomato Soup

I get lazy a lot when it comes to cooking, and there are some busy days when all you have time and energy for is to assemble a quick lunch out of the refrigerator. The other day's lunch was one of these moments - Grilled cheese and vegetable soup. C'mon you foodies, even you can admit to one of these lazy thrown together affairs. I like to jazz up my grilled cheese a bit with herbs I have on hand, and keeping interesting sliced cheeses in the fridge. The last few days I've been updating a lot about the look of my site, and amidst all of this we had a few people over to eat. I didn't find time to take pictures of a lot of our cooking, as it got eaten up pretty quickly! Anyways, every post can't be gourmet.

Grilled Cheese, jazzed up
any bread on hand, sliced cheese ( I used jalapeno), sliced green peppers, cilantro, red onion (optional)

1. Layer the cheese, peppers, and cilantro between the bread.
2. Toast it on the grill in butter.

Sometimes I even add a magic ingredient to this -- Maggie Masala Tomato Chili Sauce!


Vini K said...

Hi Kanchana,I agree,every lunch or dinner can't be gourmet..but simple lunches like your lazy lunch can be made to look gourmet too!That is the magic of food-you just have to dress it up!whaddayasay?:)

Jessica said...

Hi Kanchana! That is so awesome! I really like your site, and I think the
name is great!

You are so creative & talented! Where did you learn how to make a website?
Is it hard to do? Someday, I've thought about doing that, if I could open
my own business sometime. We'll see!

Enjoy your day!!

Shailza said...

Hey Kanchana,

Lovely site yaar..I am so impressed....:)
I have seen all your pics on the your travel experiences and the food column is THE best.....
There is so much more to read.....
Must say..good work girl...:)

Valerie said...

Great Site Kanch!
I especially like the recipes – I’ll have to try some of them!

Hope all is well with you (and happy belated anniversary!)

Susmita said...

omg. you are the cutest thing. yourwebsite is awsome!
great pictures, layout, content! i'm impressed mrs

Andy said...

Hey Kanch!

The site looks good. Looks like high production value. Somehow I really need to eat a bowl of soup……

Susie said...

Girl you have time on your hands! It looks awesome! I didn’t get a chance to read all of it, but went through your pics. I was hoping to see some pictures from your reception. The pics from Bali looks great, makes me wish I was sitting on a beach right now.

Vidya said...

Hey Kanch!

Great work!! I really enjoyed browsing through your website this morning. Aaaah, I remember the days of pre-children marital bliss!!!!

Belated happy anniversary, by the way. I swear I did remember on the actual day and wanted to send you an email, but I got caught up with Radha and Teja and I just didn't get around to it.

Heather said...

Hey Kanchana,

Good to see (well, read!) that you're doing well! I'm going to bookmark your blog.... and if I ever make it down to Ann Arbour am gonna beg you guys to try out some of those yummy recipies!

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