Azen Arts by Lakshmi

My friend Lakshmi is a woman of many talents; she paints, she dances, she sings, she is a mother of two, and a full time homemaker. Plus she has a degree in Gerontology. As I said, MANY talents. Her latest endeavor is a new fine arts based company called Azen Arts, where she creates custom art pieces incorporating Asian styles of Meena Kari, Sand Painting, and Clay Molding.

Her stunning large scale pieces are all displayed in her home gallery. My sister Savithri and I went to visit Lakshmi, her husband Vijay and their two daughters Anya and Anika the other day. Upon entering the house we were literally like, 'Can't talk -- must see all your paintings first!'. They were so dramatic and captivating, it left us a bit speechless for a while. I am a fan of the home galleries, and I love to visit my friends who have put a lot of effort into decorating their homes. Its so much fun to see how people incorporate their own sense of style and aesthetic into home decorating. Lakshmi's house was no exception to this and we enjoyed our tour immensely.

Sitting down and talking to her we learned that she not only takes wonderful care of her two daughters (evident in the amazing playrooms built and decorated by her and Vijay), but she still makes time to create new art pieces in her lovely studio. Lakshmi has not let go of her dancing either, having recently performed a solo Bharatha Natyam piece for a show in Toronto last year. Lakshmi definitely is a friend who inspires me to look at work life balance. I think she has hit upon a successful formula!

You can see more of her paintings at her website She is also available to create large scale pieces for company lobbies, and to show her work at art galleries.

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I actually wanted to post on South Indian style food by Ammas. You know, I love my mom, and I miss her a lot from US. And when I saw your blog on your mom, I was on t verge of tears...really Ammas are ammas and none can replace are very lucky to have her here!!

Iam attracted and inspired by Lakshmi as well...really who ever says they have no time, should stop by a miute and read about her...wonderful article...nice blog...happy to have visited!!

Thanks for sharing!