The Amazing Asma Arshad

Asma and I met while we were on the board for Toronto's Masala!Mehndi!Masti! Festival. I noticed her because well, she is strikingly beautiful with an outgoing elegant personality to compliment her looks. We got along very well, and have traipsed all over the city together organizing events for MMM, which gave us ample time to really get to know each other. The thing that strikes me the most about Asma, is not the fact that she is an incredibly accomplished artist/painter/sculpture, or that she is community leader with several successful social enterprise ventures, but that she is an amazing mother and friend. The woman looks not a day over 35 and she is the mother of teenage twin girls. Asma has such a warm presence about her, that it is hard not to be welcomed into her fold.

An artist by nature, Asma's paintings line the walls of her personal gallery in her Mississauga home. What a wonderful feeling it is to walk into the home of a painter and see their personal touches all around you. HGTV has nothing on Asma. Last year she ran the first MOSAIC Festival in Mississauga which received critical acclaim and was featured as far as newspapers in Chicago. I know, I was in Chicago and picked up an Indian newspaper and found myself looking my dear friend Asma!

The MOSAIC Festival aims to reach out to the mainstream community and share with them the wonders of South Asian Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre. What could be more fabulous? That is what I really love about Asma, her work has always been focused on educating youth and the next generation, and sharing her experience and expertise with the community. She is true social entrepreneur.

Drop by her website and check out her gallery. You can also read more about her community outreach with art, and check upcoming events for the MOSAIC Festival at

The Dancer by Asma Arshad
(image copied with artist's permission)

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Vidya said...

Thats beautiful. Kudos to the artist.