Cheese Dosai & Masala Dosai
You read that correctly. It's a cross between a quesadilla and a dosai, and its really good. I usually make dosa dough every other week. It's a nice thing to have around when you don't want to cook something from scratch, but you want a hot meal. I also like to always keep boiled potatoes in my fridge, whenever I make something with potatoes I boil a few extra and keep them in the fridge for a few days later. Then it's easy to whip up the masala for your classic masala dosai. But I digress, back to madras-mex. The best part of this recipe is how my husband was eyeing me when I asked if he wanted one, "I'm not interested in having cheese on my dosa." Ok fine, so I made one for myself and of course he agreed to have a bite. Eh voila, now he is sold on it. I love when he disses something I make, and then he likes it. Its fun.

Dosai Batter:
7 parts rice, 2 parts urad daal, 1/4 tsp of fenugreek seeds, and tsp of channa daal

For the filling simply mix all the filling ingredients together. You may reserve some of the green onion and cilantro for garnish. To make the dosa batter, soak the rice with the fenugreek seeds and channa daal in water. Soak the urad daal separately in water. Soak for at least 16-18 hours. Grind the urad daal separately finely. Grind the rice slightly coarse and add to the ground urad daal. (Grind both in water). Let this rise overnight again. This is my dad's recipe, and I must admit he is the master of dosai and idly!

Cheese Dosai
cheddar cheese diced small pieces (you can use the shredded varieties, or any cheese works), 1 diced tomato, minced jalapeno, chopped cilantro (optional), scallions chopped (optional), a little red onion minced, a squeeze of lemon, and salt

Then you are ready to make the dosai. Using a ladle, pour 1 spoon of batter in the middle of a hot griddle and make it into a round circle by pressing the ladle into the dough and rotating it outwards. Drizzle a few drops of oil onto this. Flip this by first scraping the edges with a metal spatula to loosen the dosa. Cook both sides, and then place a heaping table spoon of the filling and spread around 1 half. Fold the dosai in two and let it crisp up. Cut it and serve with sour cream and green onions.
Watch as I make a few dosai's!

Masala Dosai
2 large potatoes boiled and diced, 1 medium tomato, 1 medium green chilli minced, 2 sq" piece of ginger diced or grated, a handful of frozen or fresh peas, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp channa daal, a few curry leaves, a pinch of asafetida, a few cashewnuts, chopped cilantro, chopped onion or green onion (optional -- and if you add it do not add the asefetida), turmeric

Splutter the mustards seeds, then add the channa daal and roast, add the curry leaves and asefetida, add the ginger and chili and fry. Add the onions now and saute if you are adding them. Add the tomato, and peas (salt them) and cook them though. Add the potatoes (more salt) and mix with a little turmeric. Garnish with green onions and cilantro. My m-in-law made this for me and I love the taste.

Make the dosai following the same method outlined in cheese dosai, but this time place the potato masala along the middle and fold over the edges of the dosai. You can also serve this with coconut chutney.


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Hi kanchana!

You have such a nice blog. I just came hopping in thru some random site. Your recipes deserve to go more public than they are right now. Leave comments in other blogs and let us get to know you better!

Deepa Chilaka said...

Kanchs...sweetie...what do u mean when you say "seven parts rice"? As in 7:2 ratio? Sorry, just think of it as "Dosa for Dummies". I know u've heard all this before but am sure it'll feel good to hear it again....you have a captivating blog and a true talent for penning down your thoughts. Thanks for deciding to share them, your thoughts n recipes, I mean:)

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WOW,loved the video...

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I love your blog Kanchana and Savithri, i am going to look at all your recipes. Nice blog!
Vilasini aunty.

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Came across your video for making dosa. What kind of pan are you using for this?

also, can you publish steps you use to make dosa or direct me to link if you have it published.

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