Lopa gets her groove on

Introducing my good friend Lopa Sarkar, dancer extraordinaire. I remember meeting this beautiful Toronto Bengali girl in dance class when we were just kids. Those were some fun times. Now she's all grown up with an MBA, lived in London for a few years, and if she hasn't already done it all now she's got her own company. Bollywood Grooves, a Toronto based dance company that specializes in classes, workshops, choreography, and of course performing! Lopa's latest gig is a job she's heading off to the Bahama's to be the choreographer at Club Med!

I love it when I can search up my friends on Google, and all kinds of cool things show up. For instance this article written by Marilyn Linton of the Toronto Sun talks about all of Lopa's endeavours. Read on....

Toronto's Lopa Sarkar, a 31-year-old dancer whose family hails from India, runs Bollywood Grooves, a unique program that promises some smile with that sweat. When a friend of mine said it was tops on her fun and fitness list, I had to see for myself and joined in a class a few months back. What I discovered was that Bollywood Grooves combines fitness moves with simple Indian dance techniques in an hour-long workout that is hotter than curry.

Bollywood, a combination of Bombay (now called Mumbai) and Hollywood, refers to the thriving Indian film industry which produces more than 800 Hindi-language films annually -- most of which are chock-a-block with song-and-dance numbers. Sarkar, who has studied classical Indian and Bengali folk dance for the past 25 years, lived for a while in London, England, where she danced with a series of Bollywood-type dance troupes.

"It's high-energy, something different, something fun," she says, describing her classes. "There's always a drum beat in the music and it's uplifting, happy, upbeat. When you think Bollywood, you think colour, enthusiasm, lots of people and lots of fun."

Now, thanks to Sarkar's talent and hard work, you can also think fitness. Fall classes (held at The National Ballet School at 400 Jarvis St. each Sunday afternoon) begin Oct. 1. The four-week courses for kids cost $60 and $75 for adults. For more information, visit bollywoodgrooves.ca or call Sarkar at 416-624-9021.

Better yet, check out Lopa's dancing and choroegraphy in this Music Video!


Anonymous said...

The video was awesome. Its great to see dance has no boundaries!!

sarmistha said...

Hi , I'm a bengali too.and it gives me immense pride and joy when I see another bengali being so beautifully creative.
I also like your food blog.the recipies are easy to cook and very
helpful.I have become a fan.

shankar~selina said...

Someone is claiming copyright to the video. "not viewable"