Gourmet Snack

Bruschetta Toasts

These snacks look and taste so gourmet, but they are the simplest thing to make. The key is good ingredients. They should be eaten right away, and the toasts should be fresh and crisp. I make them every now and then, especially for parties.

topping: tomato diced, a little red onion minced, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and fresh OR dried basil.
bagel OR melba toasts, black pepper goat cheese OR any other soft spreadable cheese, frisee OR sprouts.

Mix the ingredients together for the topping. Spread the goat cheese onto the crackers, a spoonful of the topping, and garnish each one with some green frisee or sprouts. I like to use sesame toasts as they have an interesting taste.

We've eaten quite a bit of Indian food this week, that yesterday and today I felt I needed a change to some other kinds of flavours. At lunch we headed out to a Mexican restaurant on campus called Panchero's. The burrito was ok, but it was no Freebirds. So tonight I made a simple spaghetti with my 'emergency' bottle of store bought pasta sauce for days when I'm too lazy to make my own. Seriously, it is SO much cheaper to make your own pasta sauce, as the really cheap ones are not very tasty and anything decent costs at least 3 dollars. A can of tomatoes is 99 cents and all you need are some dried herbs, onion, garlic, chili flakes all in olive oil to jazz it up! So spaghetti it was, and of course we made yesterday's salad to go with it. I bought some nice herb demi-baguettes from this very cute grocery store next door called 'The Produce Station', where there is amazing ambience like a local whole foods but the food is really a rip off. Some things are good there like cheese, and yes they have tastings, and yes i tasted them. mmmmn. Anyways, I picked up a great domestic parmesan there for tonight and they have ones made with no rennet! Yup, they're made with good old bacterial culture. We'll probably be back to Indian food tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kanchana,

A lot of cheese has rennet from the cow's stomach.

Here is a link for vegetarian cheese:

Stay vegetarian!
Do you have any children yet?

Selina Chan

God bless you