Amazing Bread

Of the many things my husband is good at, one of them is making bread. He uses a great recipe from my bro-in-law who got it off a flour package. But what makes the breads really good are the variations he adds to them. The other night we had an Asian hot and sour soup, and to go with it he made a green chili bread. The heat from every bite of the bread added another dimension to our soup!While mixing up the dough, he adds his mixtures. Here are two great kinds he made:
Mixture #1 - Green Chili Bread
chopped green chili's 2 large
grated ginger about 1 inch
crushed whole peppercorns - milagu

Mixture #2 - Italian Bread
crushed red chili flakes
italian seasoning dried herb mix

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Monisha said...

I've been looking for a good recipe for bread. Could you please post the basic bread recipe? I wish I could bake a loaf like the ones in Indian bakeries.