Thalaga Kuzhambu

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I really think that the women in my family live through cooking. The stories that they tell about how they learned to make a certain dish and what occasions they cook it on tell a lot about themselves and our family history. Recently I've gotten to know my mother-in-law a lot better by learning to cook from her, importantly I've learned the dishes my husband loves. She is the best kind of mother-in-law, and by that I mean the kind who shares her trade secrets. I have met no other friend who can claim a relationship with their m-in-laws to the one I have with mine. Knock on wood.

Anyways, My husband's family is from a small group of villages in South India called Tirunelveli, specifically the village Veeravanallur (And yes, every male in their family line is named Veeravanallur). This dish is traditionally prepared there, and usually on the occasions of Aadi Chevvai. The dish should be prepared with 7 vegetables, typically

1. chakaravalli kazhangu - sweet potato
2. katharikai - eggplant
3. shepankazhangu - small dark yam
4. beans
5. carrots
6. parangikai - squash
7. vazhakai - green banana
Do not use things like okra, or bell peppers.

The first thing is to make the manja chadam, or yellow rice that goes with the kuzhambu (stew). In a pressure cooker put rice, a handful of thuvaram parupu, manja podi - turmeric, salt, and sesame oil. Add the regular amount of water for the rice (double). Leave it on high for 7 whistles. You can do this in a rice cooker as well. The second thing is to make the podi, or spice mixture. The best way to learn the spice mixture is to understand the ratio of ingredients, then you can make as much or as little as you want. And of course if you make extra, its one step less the following time you make this dish. For a 2 quart sauce pan 1 = 2tbsp. Roast on low heat:

1 thuvaram parupu - toor daal
.75 ellu - sesame seeds
.75 arasi - rice
Now the following are actual measures for the 2 quart mixture.
8-12 milagai vetral - dried red chillis
1 tbsp of grated coconut (optional)

Roast all of this up on medium low heat, and grind together in the spice grinder. Keep aside. Place the diced vegetables in the saucepan, and just cover them with water. Bring to a boil. To this add a a 1/4 inch ball of tamarind, that has been soaked in hot water and strained. That is only add the tamarind juice. Add manjapodi (turmeric), salt, 1 tbsp of jaggery, and a few karivepilai (curry leaves). Add the spice mixture, and for 2 quarts you should add about 3 tbsp. But taste& smell it and adjust accordingly! Let the vegetables cook and get soft. The final touch is to add mustard seeds that you have spluttered in a little oil. I have no better word to use than spluttered!

Serve this with the manja chadam, sesame oil, and fried appalam and vadam, and maybe even a yogurt and tomato pachadi.

So good!


Unknown said...

Wow. Just wow. I'm coming over. And staying.

akila said...

this is an awesome receipe. it is a good idea recipe or information about food or cooking that u would like to share with the world.

hi!!why can,t u start a class on cooking as ''!!!!!!!!!''SHANKAN COOKING WISE"

GomathiSundaram said...

kanchana The coconut(grated0 should not be roasted!You have to use raw raw grted coconut!

Deepa said...

hey...i am recently married into LA....came across ur blog in an attempt to search for sambhar recipes...i have lots to thank u for...great blogs....keep up the work...bye.,..deepa

Latha said...

OH my Kanchana. You have so many wonderful recipes posted! I love traditional 'Saapad'. MY mom is an Iyengar, and even though we dont cook traditional iyengar saapad at home very often, it must be my genes that I still crave it! Your recipes look like exactly the ones i would love to try.
Will come back when i have more time to browse :-)
Keep up the good work. You have a wonderful website, pictures, recipes, personal touch et all!

Unknown said...

You are just my type of girl, Thalagam is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE and since I had a BIG URGE to have it ASAP, i had made it with whatever veggies I had on hand - when I made it first time with mom on fone givign instructions - blogged about it too!

My ancestors are from Tirunelveli too, so no surprise that your MIL's recipes are exactly the same as our traditional recipes :) Say hi to her!

Anonymous said...

Great kanchana .i love all your receipes ,but THALAGA KUZAMBU is so good . wow its really YUMMY YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

I bet it is 'so good'! I am so glad that I can re-discover some of the tastes of school-lunches past (and past life!) through your recipes - so good, and authentic too.

My MIL shared her secrets too - but not my Mom - not all of them anyway!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice recipe. I was looking for a good Thalagam recipe for a while. Your recipe reminds me of my mom's 'Thalaga kuzhambu'