Meet Kanchana

Kanchana is a girl from Toronto married to a Madrasi and is now learning about Desi matrimony!

Kanchana cooks traditional South Indian recipes, North Indian recipes, Asian Vegetarian recipes, and lots of North American snacks. Her Indian recipes are from her mother-in-law who is in India, her mother from Toronto, and her husband. Check back in to see how her cooking lessons are faring!

Kanchana also writes about her friends, her travels, and makes a few video blogs every now and then.

You can reach Kanchana here:


Anonymous said...

Hi Kanchana & others,
Just quickly browsed through your site & am so impressed by it! Got in here from google as the name of your site made me curious to take a peep in! Hard work and time have been put into making this site complete. Interesting facts, photos and information on different things clubbed together beautifully. Esp. the Recipe corner! I've aleady bookmarked ur site for future reference. :-) Great work! -Mitnax.

shweta said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kanchana,

Good to know that you are following traditional things like Karadaya Noombu etc, you recipes and food reminds me of home and mom's cooking, yummy i am feeling hungry now...

Anonymous said...

One thing that I find sheer amazing.. how indians flaunt they are canadians, americans, etc when they know they are brown skin not allowed to mix up with elite white people.
Moreover, how these indian women who wear attire in a gawdy manner like huge nose rings not pins, etc. and then claim they are canadians rather than indians.
My brother is a director in a Swiss bank in NY and he always lives in Manhattan and never mixed with brown people. But still he says there is this rift when you come across elite white native people.

food for thought, right !

arundati said...

i think you have a lovely blog......fantastic use of colour, great pictures and lots of food that i find comforting too...i have just started food blogging...will keep visitng your site for inspiration !!

DesiGirl said...

Hi Kanchana,
I am trying to move my blogs to my own domain now. As someone who's done that successfully, I'd like to pick your brains. Could you please help me?
My email id is - desigirl dot blog at googlemail dot com
appreciate any help / advice given!

Diya's Swe Chitti said...

Hi Kanchana,
Excellent attempt at sharing your cooking experience on the world wide web. even though the recipes are ones learnt from mom and mom-in-law your presentation makes them so interesting. I am getting inspired looking at all your recipes. going to definitely try all of them, esp the cabbage kofta that you have recently posted. I have only heard and had raddish kotfa or malai kotfa. this one will sure be equally mouth-watering :). Great Job!!!

Unknown said...

great site! your guys sound like 2 peas in a pod!! My husband you is a Singapore Tamilian is a great cook. I have learned a lot from him and my mother in law.I am a vegetarian as him. We live in Alabama USA. My favourite is neem rasam and vetha korambu.Maybe I will be born as a Hindu Brahmin in India and be a great cook like you and your husband in my next life. I am a chinese from Singapore.I cook good chinese food. God bless your family. Hari OM.
Write me:

Anonymous said...

Great site but bring the black back.. or perhaps half black and half black.

This is my brother' site;


Arun Shanbhag said...

Beautiful site and beautiful pics.
Loved the traditional South Indian Wedding with lunch on banana leaves.
Wishing you an eternity of bliss.
And keep up with the recipes.


Gita said...

Hi Kanchana,
This is a very cool site! Really enjoyed browsing it today.... hope to do so more often. I think Prasad will really like the recipes : - )I really enjoyed the other sections as well.
Good work!
Gita D.

Anu Nandu said...

Wonderful site.

Your wedding pics reminded me of mine - I had the same temple jewelry - nothing to beat it. I'm taking a wild guess you are iyengar..your husband's wedding pic dhristi pottu kinds of gives it away. I'm iyengar too - and hence guessing!

Keep up the great blogging!